Timely provisions

02 Oct, 2015 :: Ships

The engine team on board has experienced timely provisions through the past few months. This was most evident when Logos Hope needed the right people to fit the necessary roles in the engine and deck departments in order for the ship to sail.

The ship’s company had been praying continually for months regarding the key deck and engine officer positions that needed to be filled. This prayer was answered in early September. Chief Engineer, Stefan Schomas (Germany), who had recently taken over the position from his previous role as First Engineer, informed that there is even a supporting engineer for almost every key position at the moment.  

Provisions also came in the form of  Monti, a German machinery company, that donated six needle gun machines that prove to be a newer and more efficient way to remove rust and prepare for paint work. Stefan had approached the company and explained about Logos Hope’s purpose, asking if there could be any special arrangements made for them. He didn’t expect that the company would be so ready to contribute by donating their machines! As the newly-appointed Chief Engineer, Stefan is thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. “I hope the engine team will continue to grow and unite together as a big family,” shared Stefan. “Pray that there will be wisdom when it comes to technical challenges, and also in finding the right balance between work and family.” 

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